Heman Gandhi

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Hi! I'm Heman Gandhi, a sophomore computer science and mathematics major at Rutgers.
Age: 19
Location: Princeton, NJ

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Work Experience:

Optum Inc, Summer of 2016
Using C#, implemented various finite-state machines and a tokenizer to parse COBOL code to extract variable meta-data. Improved the extraction program to read the 120,000+ files from the mainframe and load data onto a database within 2 hours, down from 2 days for a handful of the files.

Mphasis Inc, Summer of 2015
Using the WAMP protocol through AutobahnJS and Crossbar.io, helped design and implement a multi-screen interactive application with a ProcessingJS, jQuery, and Bootstrap front-end.


CS:Data Structures, Data 101, Computer Architecture, Systems Programming
Math:Real analysis, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra

Keyboard Keyboard | Best Hardware Hack, HackNY fall 2016
In a team of two, created a python tool with pyaudio and scipy to recognize audio input to simulate a keyboard and produce sound output for keyboard input, helping blind people to interact with the keyboard.

Gifs Against Humanity | HackPrinceton, Fall 2016
Learned Node.JS and Socket.io to implement a parody of cards against humanity where cards are replaced by GIFS. Socket.io multi-cast messages were used to allow for chatting in addition to game-play.

Project Evermore | Top 10, Philly Codefest spring 2016
Built a web page to help disabled people report inaccessible buildings or paths. Used PHP backend with jQuery and the Google Maps API.

Waitlist Exchange | Best Overall, Codeday 2016
In a team of two, created a wait-list exchange python and jQuery website which allows users to communicate to trade assets between multiple people.

Skills / Proficiencies

Languages: Clojure, Python, C, Java, JavaScript
Tools et al: Git, Bash, Neo4j, jQuery, Google APIs